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Family restaurant - coffee house with more than 35 years of professional experience in catering.

The Bourloka's family restaurant "O Ellinas", is located in the heart of Mystras, under the historical byzantine castle. Traditional Greek delicacies with pure and select local materials, a friendly environment and hospitality that will make your stay a "delicious" adventure. Exceptional architectural design of wood and stone, decoration based on the local culture and vintage items.

Our restaurant consists of two well preserved internal spaces with a fireplace, one external right in the cobblestone square and a beautiful garden where we serve our clients from early morning till late at night.

We give extra care and emphasis on the production of the food with locally produced raw materials, our star product being the olive oil produced by the family owned olive groves. Roasted pork, wild greens, black eyed beans and moussaka are a few of Ms. Georgia's delicious treats to satisfy all tastes.

Our restaurant can host any number of social events such as wedding or baptism receptions.

The restaurant "O Ellinas" is located right in Mystras square only 6 kilometers from the city of Sparta and 47 kilometers from the coastal city of Gytheio.

Restaurant's Capacitance and Other Useful Information

  • Internal Space: 150 people
  • External space on square: 60 people
  • External space garden: 100 people
  • Opening Hours: 07:30 a.m. - 00:00 p.m.
  • Opening Period: All year
  • Reservation needed: No
  • Pets: Allowed only in the outdoors areas


Mystras is situated on the slopes of Taygetos Mountain. The archaeological site stands above the modern village of Mystras and the city of Sparta.
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Churches in Mystras

The churches of Mystras are truly the jewels of this abandoned town. All of them are found at the main town, except from the church of Agia Sofia which lies in the lower town.
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Mystras Fair

Every year, the great fair of Mystras is held from August 27 till September 2, where merchants and vendors gather from all around Greece to sell their commodities.
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Visit our Greek traditional stone Hotel In Mystas
Visit our Greek traditional stone Hotel In Mystas
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Meet the varieties and the quality of our family greek olive oil
Meet the varieties and the quality of our family greek olive oil
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Mystras Lakonia 23100, Greece
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Address: Mystas Lakonia 23100, Peloponnese, Greeece

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